Bournemouth to get the US capital to buy 150 million years

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Bournemouth are set to become the English Premier League‘s 10th team to be own by Americans. As takeover talks escalate to a £150m sale.

Sky Sports reports that the Cherries are now owned by Russian – British businessman Maxim Demin. Who recently brought the team back to the top flight .  

However, the saturation in team building. Including concerns about being dug into relations with President Vladimir Putin, who started the war of aggression in Ukraine. Until having to leave the industry like Roman Abramovich, the 52 -year -old millionaire chooses to let go. When he has the opportunity.

Takeover negotiators, American billionaire Bill Foley, owner of the NHL Las Vegas Golden Knights ice hockey franchise , estimated Bournemouth at £ 150 million. And ready to collect 100% of the shares to be in charge ufabet.

Asked for opinions from acting head coach Gary O’Neill. No comment on the issue because of different parts. he’s just an employee  

“ I am not involved in any discussions like that. Because I have a lot of work on the other side of the lawn , ” O’Neill say before the game against Arsenal ( 18 Sept. )

The English Premier League currently has  nine  American owned clubs: Manchester United, Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal Man City  Aston Villa  Crystal Palace Fulham and Leeds.