Manchester City accelerates to increase the capacity of the Etihad Stadium to host the CHPL

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Manchester City have plans to increase the capacity of the Etihad Stadium to accommodate more than 60,000 fans in the future to try and make an offer to host the Champions League final.

A report by Mail Online ufabet says Manchester City currently have a capacity of 55,000 at home since renovating the south stand in 2015 , meaning their spectator potential must add at least 5,000 to qualify for UEFA.

If successful, it will be the stadium that can accommodate the 3 most fans of the English Premier League club .  

A position that can expand the capacity to add another layer without wasting much time aiming at the stands behind the gates on both sides. Spread the total amount to half ten thousand.  

In addition to the matter of basic utilities such as hotel accommodation, facilities and press rooms under the stadium . It must be improve to pass the standard as well.

The time frame from inception to completion has not yet been specified. Because the nearby area is currently accelerating the construction of a state-of-the-art live performance hall. Assess the clarity of the plan as early as Dec. 2023  .

‘ Blue Sailboat ‘ used to be known as a huge stadium that was madly lacking in support from the disciples because of the empty seats.

Until the arrival of team manager Josep Guardiola in 2016 , the team’s popularity has increased, the seats are almost 99% full , including season ticket sales of 36,500 sets , the most in history.