Rodgers encourages players to play as a team

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Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers has urged all his players to play defensively and get through this difficult time.

         “Fox” has just been demolished by Brighton 2-5 in the previous league game ufabet. Last week’s game against Aston Villa was postponed. Before the team travel to Spurs, another strong team in the league on Saturday, Rodgers would like to see the team play more after a poor start.

         “We are facing a situation like never before. The result of the match was not on our side. But what is important is that we must be brave. Sometimes you’re out of the game where you can lose your aggression. But you can’t do that,” Rodgers said.

         “Good defense is a matter of attitude and that’s something we need to talk about. we talk every day The pressure starts from the top of the field. if they don’t do it right The rest of the team was also wrong. If I play one person don’t do that. Everyone has to move to the empty space that we don’t need.”

         “You want to see determination and passion. That’s what we have here. As with everything, every sport is not just about talent. Successful people are people with determination, determination, and perseverance.”